Impact Senior: Sarah Bodenhamer


Meet Sarah Bodenhamer: scary movie enthusiast, cat master, and senior on the FHS Soccer team.

Sarah Bodenhamer

Charity: Feeding America

School: Fayetteville High School

What made you want to join the Impact Senior Program?

Helping others and changing lives is what makes mine worth living.

Tell us about any charities or causes that you are passionate about helping.

Feeding America is my number one charity. At Governor’s School this summer I learned a lot about the hungry people in the world and how it affects them on a day to day basis. Food banks are only the start of their mission!

What do you love to do? Do you have a hobby, interest, personality trait, etc that defines who you are? We want to know what makes you YOU! 🙂

I love to play soccer, listen to music, explore the outdoors, and watch horror movies.

How would your friends best describe you?

Outgoing, active, funny, and loyal person whose always there for them. Someone who lives in the moment and is always up for something new and crazy!

Thanks for being a part of this year’s Impact Program, Sarah. Let’s raise some money for Feeding America and unleash the best cat senior photo known to man 🙂

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