About Us

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Cole Fennel Photography is the sum of superhero-like, husband-and-wife duo, Cole and Mary Fennel. Although Mary and Cole influence all aspects of the larger-than-life CFP experience, Cole focuses primarily on the shooting and artwork while Mary juggles the responsibilities of customer-service extraordinaire, studio manager, and graphic designer. In our humble and completely non-biased opinion, Cole and Mary’s super powers combine to create one of the most upbeat, creative, awesome, and all-around bad a– studios in the northwest Arkansas region, perhaps the world.

Despite being born with a SLR camera in his hand and a perfectly pronounced “aperture” being his first word, Cole didn’t officially begin his self-fulfilling prophecy to become the greatest photographer on Township Ave in Fayetteville, AR until 2009. This year of millennium-like significance was the birth year of Cole Fennel Photography. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Fayetteville, Senior Portraits in Northwest Arkansas would never be the same.

Cole and Mary took to the streets of their reasonably sized, remarkably average, home town with a vengeance. So many good portraits were taken that year that nearly all other photography studios in a five-state area closed up shop. As time progressed, Cole and Mary decided to focus more on out-of-the box ideas with seniors and they began attracting hoards of high school athletes looking for photoshopped Lebron James esque muscles and and Tom Brady like facial structure. Cole resonated with these athletes as he was a once young baller with abounding talent. His illustrious (perspective) NBA career was never attained because “his high school coach had him on a minute restriction.” But he’s only slightly bitter about it (just kidding…mostly).

The athletic portraits led to more seniors who were after that “commercial” look but for passions outside of traditional sports—fashion, hunting, dancing, music, etc… This phenomena leads us to today, Cole and Mary Fennel, saving the senior photography world with one incredibly fun session after another.

On a more serious as well as a non third-person note: we absolutely love photographing seniors, especially those with a passion or hobby that we can show off. We also thoroughly enjoy working with families and local businesses and all-around good people. We hope to hear from you about your next photography project—lets have some fun!